NPO Green Necklace

Environmentally-conscious local revitalization

The Specified Non-Profit Organization "Green Necklace" has been working on the issue of environmentally-conscious local revitalization, mainly in the area between Mitaka and Tachikawa, on the JR East Chuo-line.

In 1999, when the construction of the elevated railroad from Mitaka to Tachikawa was launched, the citizens who lived in and around the local area connected. It was then that our activities commenced.

Cooperation of citizens, public administrations and universities

In 2000, we held "The Green Necklace Open Summit Symposium". Six Mayors from the area and twenty-three related groups took part in the symposium.

In 2002, our group became a "Specified Non-Profit Organization", and has been developing activities with the support and cooperation of citizens, public administrations and universities.

Since then, we have undertaken work on the best utilization of rainwater, the preservation and utilization of green spaces, the making of local maps, the building of models of environmentally-friendly housing and a variety of other projects.